• Name: W-3/W-21 & W-3P/W-21P(Active)
  • Number: 113
  • Shelf time: 2018-05-07
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       W-3P/W-21P is a new design cabinet,feature with a 12 inch woofer and two 2.5 inch tweeters carrying bright and clear sound;wherever low frequency extension is required,a 21 inch line array subwoofer W-21P compensate and coordinate to make the sound field evenly balanced;All neodymium woofers and drivers applied in both W-3P/W-21P ensures the system in high performance and low weight at the same time.W-3P/W-21P built-in Class D amplifiers use high-level electronic components,with reasonable circuit design and better heat dissipation.The maximum vertical coverage angle can reach 110°in W-3P system up to 16pcs.

参数名称 参数内容
Model 型号 W-3&W-3P(Active)
Type 类型 Two-way Line array system
Frequency Response 频率响应 55Hz-18KHz±3dB
Power handling 功率 LF 600W(RMS)2400W(PEAK)
  HF 200W(RMS)800W(PEAK)
Sensitivity 灵敏度 LF 105dB(1W@1M)
  HF 109dB(1W@1M)
Max SPL 最大声压 LF 131dB(PEAK/1M)
  HF 135dB(PEAK/1M)
Drivers单元 LF 1×12"(310mm)neodymium woofer 75mm(3in)coil
  HF 2×2.5"neodymium compression driver with65mm titanium diaphragm
Nominal impedance 阻抗 LF 8 ohm
  HF 8 ohm
Coverage 覆盖范围 110º H×10º V
Connectors 输入连接 2×NL4MP speakon
Finish 表面处理 Textured high-density polyurethane coating
Enclosure Material箱体材料 Birch Plywood
Dimensions 外形尺寸 600×347×451mm(W×H×D)
Packing Dimensions 包装尺寸 675×447×520mm(W×H×D)/0.16cbm
Net weight 净重 29kg(W-3)33kg(W-3P)
Gross weight 毛重 32kg(W-3)36kg(W-3P)
参数名称 参数内容
Model 型号 W-21&W-21P(Active)
Type 类型 Sub-bass system
Frequency Response 频率响应 30Hz-400Hz±3dB
Power handling 功率 1500W(RMS)6000W(PEAK)
Sensitivity 灵敏度 109dB(1W@1M)
Max SPL 最大声压 138dB(PEAK/1M)
Drivers单元 1×21"(545mm)neodymium  woofer 115mm(4.5in)coil
Nominal impedance 阻抗 8 ohm
Finish 表面处理 Textured high-density polyurethane coating
Connectors 输入连接 2×NL4MP speakon
Enclosure Material 箱体材料 Plywood
Dimensions 外形尺寸 600×650×750mm(W×H×D)
Packing Dimensions 包装尺寸 (825W×675H×760D)/0.42cbm
Net weight 净重 70kg(W-21)73kg(W-21P)
Gross weight 毛重 75kg(W-21)78kg(W-21P)
Power amplifier Specification  
Amplifier type模块类型 Switching mode amplifier,class D circuit
Power Output(RMS)额定功率 2X1000W/8ohm 2x1350W/4ohm
Weight重量 3.2kg
Configuration配置 The amp module is built inside W-3P